What is a Streetbadge?

A Streetbadge is a bumper sticker with a unique ID that you create. It is linked to your Profile, giving you the unique opportunity to advertise your blog on the back of your vehicle.  If you want to showcase your talents, interests, or advertise products or services locally, having a Streetbadge bumper sticker will organically target your real life community.

Using the “Badge Search” link up top, interested people can type in your Streetbadge ID and instantly jump to your Profile. As an example, try typing in the Streetbadge above.

Streetbadge bumper stickers are 4 x 12 inches, yellow, and made of high grade vinyl that will last for years. Please note, you don’t have to have a Streetbadge bumper sticker to use the Streetbadge blogging platform, but it helps advertise both your blog and the site overall. 

Profiles, Groups, Privacy and More

With the Streetbadge blogging platform, you’ll find all the features of world-class social media. From Likes and Friends, Photos and Video, Groups and Chat, you get high functionality, plus a central Stream of all site activity. Tag your Posts with Hashtags, and search the community for what interests you. Build up your Profile, add some Posts, and finally get that Streetbadge for your car to really see the power of this community.

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