Behold the mighty Streetbadge!

Born out of curiosity, Streetbadge is an idea founded on breaking down the barrier between real and online life. We wanted a way to ID social media users with a tag or badge as a way to link them to their online contributions. We built this micro-blogging platform to act as a home for those contributions, and created the Streetbadge bumper sticker to act as the unique ID and link to that home. With a Streetbadge, you can bring eyeballs to whatever it is you want to showcase. Share your interests, create a portfolio, even advertise for your business in an organic way to people who live in your real-life community.

Profiles, Groups, Privacy and More

Take a moment and join Streetbadge. You’ll find all the features of a world-class social media platform, from Likes and Friends, Photos and Video, Groups and Chat, plus a central Stream of all site activity. Tag your Posts with Hashtags, and search the community for what interests you. Build up your Profile, add some Posts, and finally get that Streetbadge for your car to really see the power of this community.

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