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Think of being a Streetbadge member as like having a PUBLIC facing Facebook profile, or a MOBILE Tumblr page. You’re going to find similar features, and just like those sites, you can use the site any way you want. The main difference in having a Streetbadge is that you are directly sharing content with your LOCAL community. Imagine what you can do with that. Got a local issue you want aired? Want to promote a project or group? What about setting up a dating profile? You could do all of that. Maybe you have a small business with services or goods to promote. Yep, great place for that as well. Remember, anyone who pulls up behind you is potentially a viewer of your Streetbadge profile. Think about what you can do with that.

Join up. For a limited time, I’m giving out FREE Streetbadge bumper stickers to all new members. So, come on and show me what you’d do with your Streetbadge!

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